MANAPPARAI - 621 306.
A Journey to Excellence

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Key Differentitators

  • Colorful play area and kids kingdom with serval playing device for the children of LKG to II std.
  • Child centric colorful class rooms with audio visual method of curriculum.
  • Online curriculum exams for the students of class III rd std to VIII th std.
  • Abacus classes for enhancing the Mathematics skills of the Students.
  • Focus on holistic education for all-round development.
  • Differentiated Instructional Plan-Individual attention from the teacher to every student.
  • Science lab cum classroom, continuously upgraded, to learn Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science through live experiments.
  • Inculcation of the habit of reading beyond the curriculum.
  • Free – Flowing Parent-Teacher meetings at regular intervals.
  • Emphasis on being Tamil Pride alive by ingraining the knowledge of our history, culture and heritage.
  • Coaching for Hindi Pracher Sabha exams like Prathamic, Mathiyama, Rastrabasha.
  • Excursions and Educational Tours are organized from time to time. Class Picnics are encouraged.
  • Students are encouraged and trained for cultural Programmes, sports-meets etc., to bring out their talents and develop organizing capacities. Morning and evening Special studies are conducted for X,XI and XII standards.